Why Choose Aureus?

Aureus Consult team has 10 years + experience in implementing ERP System. We always believe that the most effective ERP implementation approach is to work very closely as a team with our customers. We understand your unique business – With our team experience, you can get the most value from SAP Business One technology across your organization. SAP Business One Implementation methodology leveraging industry best practices and our experience to minimize risk and value of the business competition so as to compete with its competitors and achieve success. 

Implementation Strategy

The six stages of Implementation methodology are the path that the team will go through together with our customer to ensure consistent communication and collaboration. Let’s us guide you through the processes:


Project Preparation

The team will prepare the Project Objective and the milestone of the project. Identify and review the Schedule Timeline of Project, activities, resources and the team member is important at this stage so the management is aware and able to commit.

Project Kick Off will be done in this stage to all users, to make sure the team are aware of the ahead activities and roles and responsibilities. This one is very important to prepare from the beginning.


Business Blueprint

Business blueprint stage is a process of business info gathering where all parties from each department will be involved to explain and discuss on their current business process flow. The consultants will work closely with users and provide a wealth of experience and knowledge, ensuring outcomes meet requirements and best practice learning is applied to improve the process in SAP Business One System.

This activity session will produce framework of business processes which will be documented as Business Blueprint
documentation. This documentation is important and will be used in the Realization process.



The Consultant team will begin to perform System Configuration & Setting based on the results of a blueprint that contains various decisions and goals of various parties involved in the company.

System Testing will be performed on all the required functionality against all settings and the changes required


Final Preparation

This is the final stage of preparation before the end SAP application ready for use. All settings and other important issues must be completed at this stage.

User Training session (online or onsite) will be provided at this stage to ensure user familiarize the SAP Business One system and the business process flow.

User verifying all setup and master data is set correctly with the guidance of Consultants.


Go Live

This is the final stages where everyone is excited. Respective user from each department should now be well prepared to use the new SAP Business One system. Everyone involved in the company will be notified that the system used is a new system and purpose is to be replaced the old system. Therefore old system will be stopped.

However, this step can only be executed if the final preparation and several trials have been carried out smoothly and user is confident.


Go Live Support

A live system isn’t the end of your new journey – it’s the beginning of new possibilities for your business. During the use of the Go-Live stage, we expecting there will be some constraints or obstacles face by user and Aureus Consult support team will provides full support beyond implementation so you can maximize the value of your SAP Business One investment.

Overcome your obstacles today!